Professional Development

GA Teachers – Our Key to Success

Whether in the classroom, learning lab, PE or music class setting, our teachers work with a passion and standard for excellence – for their students and themselves. Grimmway Academy teachers are certified and highly qualified, and are united in the belief that they can thrive in a culture of collaboration, continuous growth and professional development. We support and encourage them in a variety of ways:

  • Professional Development: Developing their professional practice and leadership skills is an ongoing priority. Grimmway Academy teachers receive 260 hours of professional development training per school year – every week and for three weeks every summer.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Teachers are coached in their professional practice by our academic dean or consultants in specific areas of study. They also receive ongoing support and advice from senior teachers and grade level leaders.
  • Evaluation & Feedback: Teachers are constantly evaluated, and receive feedback on their performance in the classroom, and interactions with students. We reward exceptional performance through our merit pay program.