Learning Lab

Enhancing the traditional classroom environment

Rather than replace traditional classroom instruction, the goal of the Learning Lab is to enhance learning, allowing students to work independently at their own level, for a portion of each day. This level of autonomy empowers students to take ownership of their learning, and gain confidence in their knowledge and choices.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of student progress

In addition to students tracking their own learning and comprehension, the Learning Lab also serves as a powerful monitoring and evaluation resource for teachers and educators at Grimmway Academy. Student performance data enables teachers to compare online learning to classroom performance, and intervene where necessary to customize face-to-face instruction to meet individual student needs.


Accelerated reading program

In addition to individual computer stations, the Learning Lab features an extensive library, with multiple reading stations, where older students can enjoy reading and participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. For younger students still building their reading skills, listening stations provide an opportunity to follow along with the words and develop comprehension skills.