Our School

As a charter school, we answer to all of the same standards as public schools: we accept all students; tuition is free; our students participate in state tests; and our teachers must have the same teaching credentials. Our advantage lies in our flexibility and autonomy to build an academic model that addresses the distinctive needs of our community here in Kern County.

A unique blended learning model

All students, from kindergarten through seventh grade, receive a blended learning education, where key concepts from the core academic curriculum are reinforced across a variety of learning environments and experiences. Students tackle concepts with their teachers in the classroom, experience them first-hand in the edible schoolyard and kitchen classroom, and work independently, at their own pace, to reinforce ideas using the latest technology in the school’s Learning Lab.

our-schoolClasses operate on a rotating schedule, so that students have the same classes at different times of the day. This is important, as some students may be more attentive in the morning, while others may have better focus in the afternoon. Our rotating schedule accommodates for these differences.

As part of our edible schoolyard program, students learn to grow and prepare healthy foods, while also developing life-enhancing skills, such as cooperation, collaboration, personal expression, and environmental stewardship. Students receive two fresh and seasonal meals each day, prepared by our chefs and nutrition experts in the Grimmway Café, where they also learn healthy eating habits and develop positive attitudes to trying new foods. Grimmway Academy also offers an afterschool enrichment program, where music, art and soccer classes are available to all students who want to participate.

A supportive learning experience

We expect great things of our students, parents, teachers and staff, and strive to ensure a supportive learning environment for everyone. At the beginning of each school year, families receive a home visit from their teacher, or a staff member, and the parents of new students are encouraged to sign a mutual promise with the school to commit to actively participating in their child’s education, and to expect the same level of commitment from us. To facilitate and promote parental participation, we also offer parent forums, cooking classes, and volunteer opportunities throughout the school year.

Small class sizes help to ensure that our highly skilled teachers can focus on the individual needs of each Grimmway Academy student. Our dedicated team of teachers, administrators and staff undergo rigorous training, evaluation, assessment and accountability standards, so that they, as well as our students, can thrive as part of the Grimmway Academy family. Many are natives of Arvin, and the greater Kern County area – and all of them live in our community and are committed to our students’ success.