As a public charter school, we answer to all of the same standards as public schools: we accept all students; tuition is free; our students participate in state tests; and our teachers must have the same teaching credentials. Our advantage lies in our flexibility and autonomy to build an academic model that addresses the distinctive needs of our community here in Kern County.


Choose success for your child, enroll today!

  1. Visit Grimmway Academy to pick up an application form or attend one of our enrollment or community events.
  2. Submit your application to Grimmway Academy by the enrollment deadline.
  3. If more students apply than available placements, we will hold a public random lottery to select students. All remaining students will be placed on a wait list.
  4. We will contact you to let you know your child’s enrollment status shortly after the lottery. If your child has been accepted into Grimmway Academy, we will mail you an enrollment packet containing basic information required to complete your child’s enrollment.

Please note, your child is not officially enrolled until all required paperwork is completed.


Contact the Grimmway Academy main administration office at (661) 855-8200.